Political Science

political science

Letter From the Chair

By Michael Murdock, Chair

Aloha! Greetings! And welcome to the Political Science webpage! Brigham Young University–Hawaii maintains a unique mission: to build leaders of character and faith who will promote world peace and address world problems—especially in Asia and the Pacific. We here in the Political Science Department embrace this mandate with humble sincerity. Our students and alumni literally fulfill vision of President McKay and University. We develop intercultural skills. We advocate an education that balances gospel and secular learning. We advocate peace and cooperation. We train leaders.

Welcome to Political Science

The Discipline

Political Science involves the study of power and how human beings organize their public life. It employs theory, examines current and historical events,and gathers statistics to reveal patterns and understandings. It draws insights from other disciplines such as economics, history, psychology, law, sociology, and more to illuminate the realm of political and social power.

Choose Political Science

Political Science investigates everything from human behavior to world events in an attempt to understand political systems and power. Students who select political science develop finely honed writing, communication, reading, and analysis skills. Majors learn to adapt, think on their feet, work with others, and understand systems. Our students communicate effectively, think independently, follow current events, fathom human systems, and enhance social organization.