BYUH Pre-Law Society Opening Social – November 2012

BYUH Pre-Law Society Opening Social – November 2012

By Karen Son

The BYUH Pre-Law Society held its annual opening social on November 9, 2012. The Pre-Law Society is a student honor club supported by and closely affiliated with the Political Science Department but opens its doors to all majors interested in studying the legal field. The group holds meetings, hosts activities, and invites guest speakers who have expertise in the legal fields to help members explore legal interests and career paths.

Invited guest speaker J. Eric Willis addressed opening social attendees. Drawing from his personal experience as a law school student at San Diego’s California Western University and a practicing lawyer with eight years experience, Brother Willis offered useful advice on making life in law school successful and valuable. He emphasized the importance of participating in classes and gaining a passion for the law. He spoke of studying materials ahead of time in order to fully prepare himself for class. In order to succeed as a lawyer, Brother Willis noted, students must not just understand the materials, but must own the material they learn in class. He also advised that one’s reputation as a lawyer begins in law school and asserted that students must have confidence in themselves and believe that they can accomplish anything if they work for it.

By interacting with and learning from talented and exemplary people wiling to share their experience in legal fields, the student attendees were able to expand their interests and gain a broader perspective about law school life. To further help Pre-Law Society members become familiar with law school, the Society has also announced it will be arranging a chance for interested students to attend a first year law class at the University of Hawaii. We anticipate that only good things will follow.