Washington DC Trip - 2008

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Washington DC Practicum - 2008

by Jonathan Lang

As I consider what prepared me for law school in New York City, certain experiences during my time at Brigham Young University—Hawaii stand out. The Washington DC trip was certainly one. I took the opportunity to be part of the Honors Program, I was part of many cultural clubs, I was active in my Church callings, I chose an avenue of study that gave me a liberal education, and all these helped me become a well-rounded individual equipped with the tools needed to succeed in professional school. One of the choicest experiences I had at the undergraduate level, one that allowed me to hone skills I learned in the classroom, was the Political Science Department’s Washington DC trip.

Through the DC trip experience I was able to meet and learn from high level officials that work in various parts of the United States government. In addition to the understanding of government that I gained, the learning experience has helped me build a network of professionals that I now work and associate with regularly. As an undergraduate international student, learning about the government through first-hand experience proved invaluable to my current study of law.

The experience was not something I kept to myself. I shared what I learned on the trip with my wife and friends. I am confident that my experience added to their university experience. After all, I heard about the DC trip from a classmate. I was also able to reference the trip in classes, during interviews, while encouraging under classmen about which direction to pursue in their studies, and when conversing with BYU-Hawaii supporters when asked about the practical experience I gained from my time at the University.

The courses I took at BYU—Hawaii focused on the creation, purpose, operation, and history of government, not only in the United States, but also in many other parts of the world. The study experience in Washington DC allowed me to witness the live form of what I had studied for many months and was an invaluable cap-stone experience. I cannot think of a better way to engage students than through classroom study that leads to an all encompassing experience such as this one.


Jonathan Lang
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