Washington DC - 2007

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The Washington DC - 2007

by Dustin Bradshaw

The BYU-Hawaii delegation trip to Washington DC greatly impacted my life and the lives of many others. I was privileged to be a co-organizer of the first DC Delegation in 2007. The results of this experience far surpassed our expectations. Taking ten diverse BYU-Hawaii students to experience Washington DC not only gave them an understanding of the vastness of opportunities that await them upon graduation, but it also provided wide open doors for future jobs and internships.

My experience alone attests to the successful achievements of the Washington DC trip. During the planning phase and throughout the time in Washington DC, I as able to make contacts with senators, congressmen, and lobbyists. This set a network foundation that proved remarkably beneficial upon graduation. When it came time for an internship, I was asked by both Congressman Jeff Flake, R-AZ, and Senator Robert Bennett, R-UT, to apply for an internship and was given a position with Senator Bennett’s staff for eight months. During this time I was able to see the inside working of Washington and learn how the country functions. This experience weighed heavily when I applied for and was offered a Foreign Service Officer position with the United States Department of State.

The Washington DC trip program takes the educational knowledge and theory we receive in the classroom and molds it into a success story by opening the eyes of BYU-Hawaii students to the potential we have. We are truly a small school on a small island. However, our students have enormous potential. Experiences such as this one are priceless and do much to help our students visualize their future as leaders in their home countries upon graduation. BYU-Hawaii as a university will benefit immensely each time the Washington DC trip is sent out.


Dustin Bradshaw
Justin Ritchie
Jennifer Georget
Terava Casey
Shakeel Gill
Ioelu Mamea
Arisara Watanawiboon
Allison Marie Williams
Kainoa K. Willing
Minji Kim

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