The Cook Islands Study Abroad/Internship Trip - 2011

The Rarotonga Internship Trip

The Cook Islands Internship Trip places 10 student interns in the Cook Islands government which graciously opens its highest ministries and offices, including the Office of the Prime Minister, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism, and others. Students accepted into the program spend two weeks at Brigham Young University—Hawaii for cultural and protocol training before flying to Rarotonga for their four week internship. Students will see and experience the inner workings of a parliamentary system of government, establish contacts, garner resume building experiences, and establish networking contacts. Group dynamics give participating students a much higher profile than individuals would ever get on their own.

Participation is highly selective. Members of the group will be chosen based on individual GPA, a submitted writing sample, and a personal statement demonstrating how the trip will contribute to student goals and the mission of Brigham Young University—Hawaii. Each candidate seeking admission into the program must be interviewed by the department chair and the faculty advisor. Majors from other disciplines may apply but first preference will be given to Political Science majors and minors. Students who have successfully completed POSC 110, POSC 200 and POSC 202 will be given the highest priority. Students with significant ties to the Pacific will also be given the highest priority. All applicants must have completed at least 6 political science credits by the end of Winter Semester. All accepted candidates must attend three POSC courses held during Spring Term in conjunction with the trip.

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