The Washington DC Practicum

DC BannerThe Washington DC Practicum

The Political Science Departments practicum allows ten students to spend one week in Washington, DC (and possibly New York City in addition) as part of two three-credit political science classes (POSC 390R & POSC 499). The purpose of the practicum is to learn about and experience American politics and government, learn about internship and graduate school opportunities, and develop networks. Students who participate will learn about American government, politics and history by experiencing politics first-hand and meeting with political actors, lobbyists, and academics. The next practicum in 2012 will include Washington, DC and New York City (visiting the United Nations and various non-governmental organizations).

Participation is selective. The group will be chosen based on individual GPA, a submitted writing sample, and a personal statement demonstrating how the trip will contribute to student goals and the mission of Brigham Young University—Hawaii. Majors from other disciplines may apply but first preference will be given to Political Science majors and minors. Students who have successfully completed POSC 110, POSC 200 and POSC 202 will be given the highest priority. All applicants must have completed at least 6 political science credits by the end of Winter Semester. All accepted candidates must attend two POSC courses held during Spring Term to prepare for the trip.

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