Practicums and Field Studies

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Practicums and Field Studies

The Political Science Department sponsors an active practicum, internship trip, and field study program, designed to take select students out of the classroom and into halls of power where abstract classroom knowledge is applied daily. Students will have opportunity to meet top officials, visit political sites and offices, network with figures in the field of politics and political science, and expand their vision of government and its various concomitant institutions. Brigham Young University-Hawaii graciously supports these programs. Student participation is highly competitive and students are selected depending on perceived ability and fit, depending on the particular features of each respective practicum. Availability of funds and faculty schedules will determine when a practicum or field study is slated. Interested students should prepare themselves by proving their abilities and demonstrating their commitment to the major.

The Washington DC Practicum aims to give students a powerful experience interacting with parts of an enormous government facing superpower issues of global proportion. The Cook Islands Internship Trip offers students to engage a much more compact and integrated parliamentary government representing the issues confronting a small Pacific Island nation. The Bangkok Field Study seeks to educate students about a growing government managing with all the development issues of a growing regional power.

Program Offerings

The Washington DC Practicum
The Rarotonga Internship Trip
The Bangkok Field Study

Completed Trips

The Rarotonga Internship Trip - 2011
The Washington DC Practicum - 2010
The Bali Assessment Visit - 2010
The Washinton DC Practicum - 2008
The Washington DC Practicum - 2007