Five Emphases

Five Emphases

Public Management

POSC 330 Introduction to Public Administration
PMGT 331 Public Policy
PMGT 350 Crisis Management
PMGT 360 Disaster Management
PMGT 499 Public Management

International Development

POSC 328 Poverty and Civil Conflict
POSC 362 International Political Economy and Development
POSC 364 Conflict Bargaining and Management
POSC 366 Politics and Economies of the Developing World
POSC 470 International Relations Theory

Legal Studies

POSC 352 Ethics and the Legal Environment
POSC 354 Legal Research and Writing
POSC 356 International Legal Drafting and Transactions
POSC 358 Comparative Law
POSC 410 The Constitution of the United States


POSC 315 US Political Development
POSC 318 Multilevel Governance
POSC 330 Introduction to Public Administration
POSC 331 Public Policy
POSC 380 Political Futures Studies
POSC 420 Complexity and Public Policy

Intergovernmental Systems

POSC 335 Terrorism
POSC 380 Political Future Studies
POSC 384 The United Nations and Intergovernmental Organizations Systems
POSC 386 Conflict in the Pacific
POSC 460 Pacific Regionalism