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Many courses in the Political Science curriculum include events designed to provide students with practical experience and skills. Political Science 230, for example, requires participation in a peace-building negotiation exercise wherein students represent opposing real-life interests and must use diplomatic skills to reach a compromise. Students enrolled in Political Science 316 must function as appellants in a Mock Supreme Court Trial that recreates conditions surrounding an actual historical case.

In addition to these sorts of curricular-based activities, the Political Science Department offers several extracurricular events, activities, and opportunities designed to enhance student experience and provide a venue for the practical application of learned skills. In many ways these annual events represent a culminating experience that solidifies skills drawn from the regular curriculum.

Some of the following events, such as internships, are required of all majors for graduation. Others are optional. Political Science faculty members participate in all such activities and strongly encourage student participation. These events allow majors to interact in powerful symbiotic relationships and learn how to work as a group. Many activities offer cash prizes, foreign travels, resume-building experiences, and networking opportunities. Wise students, therefore, will take advantage by actively participating in as many extracurricular events as possible.