As a discipline Political Science covers a broad range of interests, including comparative politics, international relations, U.S. government, local politics, and so forth. The discipline also employs a range of approaches, spanning the philosophical and theoretical to practical qualitative and quantitative analyses. Courses offered by the Political Science Department take advantage of this disciplinary range. Majors and minors alike enjoy numerous options for constructing their own unique curricular pathway. Per the special mission of Brigham Young University-Hawaii, our program features a strong emphasis on the Pacific and Asia, in addition to extensive coverage on the U.S. government system, philosophy, research methods, public management, preparedness, political economy, and so forth. Courses offered by the Political Science Department challenge students. At the same time, however, our exceptional student-to-faculty ratio allows extensive contact and private mentoring.

Five Emphases
Public Management
International Development
Legal Studies
Intergovernmental Systems

University Syllabus

Sample MAP
Political Science Major Requirement
Political Science Major Requirement Sheet
Political Science Minor Requirement
Political Science Minor Requirement Sheet
Public Management Minor Requirements
Public Management Requirement Sheet
Emergency Management Certificate
International Development Certificate
Legal Studies Certificate
Criminal Justice Certificate