Political Science Retreat – November 2012

Political Science Retreat – November 2012

By Karen Son

The first annual Political Science Retreat kicked the new school year off with a bang. On Saturday, November 3rd, Political Science majors gathered at Hukilau Beach Park, encouraging interactions among political science students and faculty. The event opened with breakfast catered by Hukilau Café. After students gathered and ate eggs, bacon, and Portuguese sausage, candidate Richard Fale arrived with his campaign supporters and addressed the crowd. At the time, Mr. Fale’s election campaign for a position in the Hawaiian House of Representatives was approaching the final countdown.

 Even though only a few days remained before the November 6thelection, he graciously took time to come and speak about his experiences and what led him to become involved with politics. Mr. Fale spoke of attending BYU-Hawaii and studying political science, making his insights and advice particularly interesting and applicable to the many political science majors who attended. He also spoke of his service within the United States Army and being stationed in Afghanistan. After sharing accounts of Afghan fathers guarding schools to protect their young girls from Taliban attackers, Mr. Fale expressed his appreciation for the blessing of education and the freedoms from oppression that we often take for granted. Richard Fale also expressed his desire to represent the North Shore interests and his commitment to improving life here in Laie. Students had an opportunity to ask him questions regarding Hawaii’s political environment and his personal experiences with politics.

Our time was well rewarded. Richard Fale awakened us to the privilege of attending BYU-Hawaii and the value of receiving an education. He also reminded the students not to forget those who are less-privileged and to use our knowledge and education to serve them as well.

After the insightful speech, students and faculty had time to freely interact with each other through games and other entertaining activities. Among those in attendance included some who were new to the major. In that regard the retreat served as a good opportunity for the new students to get to know the people they will be interacting with in the future. Through building close relationships with faculty and fellow students, we hope that all political science students will be better able to understand and enjoy their experience with the major