Public Speaking - 2011

Public Speaking Contest - March 2011

The Political Science Department held its Second Annual Public-Speaking Contest in conjunction with Brigham Young University—Hawaii’s Empower Your Dreams student conference and proposal competition. To stimulate thought about politics in our world Dr. Jon Jonassen recommended the topic “China’s Impact in a Twenty-First Century World.” Interested students submitted proposals and were divided into three groups of nine or ten each. During the morning round the three groups each met in different rooms of the GCB and each faced their own respective panel of judges. Public-speaking could be heard echoing through the GCB halls as students shared their insights and demonstrated their argumentation skills. After two hours, the nearly thirty participants had all finished and students broke off to attend other Empower Your Dreams events. 

During the afternoon round, three finalists from each group met for a runoff. Alice Yiu, Pao-Ho Wan, and Matt Cabamongan were invited from the senior group; Phoebe Pacis, Heidi McFarland, and Philip Catudal prevailed in the junior group; and Cameron Kober, Siaosi Halaufia, and Chester Yow represented the freshman/sophomore group. Stiff competition raised the stakes, energizing performance. In the end each group was well represented. Overall winners came from each, including: Alice Yiu, Philip Catudal, Siaosi Halaufia, and Matt Cabamongan. Congratulations to each and special thanks to the staff and faculty of the Political Science Department for their exceptional effort to help make this event successful. Well done!

Final Round Winners

Overall Top Orator: Philip Catudal
Overall Top Argument: Alice Yiu
Audience Choice Top Orator:
Siaosi Halaufia
Audience Choice Top Argument:
Matt Cabamongan

Round 1 - Top 9 Winners

Freshmen/Sophmore Top Orator: James Cameron
Freshmen/Sophomore Top Argument: Siaosi Halaufia
Freshmen/Sophomore Dark Horse:
Chester Yow
Junior Top Orator: Phoebe Pacis
Junior Top Argument: Philip Catudal
Junior Dark Horse: Heidi McFarland
Senior Top Orator: Sin Wan Alice Yiu
Senior Top Argument: Pao-Ho Wan
Senior Dark Horse: Matthew Cabamongan

Public Speaking Contest - 2011
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