2015 Institute for Humane Studies Application

How often do students get the chance to explore ideas that change the world? Actually, once a year.

2015 IHS Summer Seminars

IHS Summer Seminars will stimulate and engage you like no other college experience as you immerse yourself in the revolutionary ideas of individual freedom that have inspired all humankind.

Three different seminars. Three different levels.

The free seminars, set in attractive college settings, are led by prominent professors and are designed to fit your level of knowledge. Each will take a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing history, economics, philosophy, and other disciplines to gain new insights and inspiration for tackling the issues currently facing our society. In short, they’re a way to explore ideas learned in the classroom beyond the classroom.

You'll build critical thinking skills, discover potential career possibilities, and form friendships that last a lifetime.

As for costs, IHS covers room, board, books, and other essentials. You just take care of your own travel expenses.

For more detailed information about the seminars and to apply, please visit the IHS Summer Seminars website.

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